Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Do I love about myself♥

                                     I got this idea From Gala Darling who I adore♥ find her here

The arches of my feet♥ my brown eyes ♥ my really long hair ♥ the color of hair ♥ my freckles, so cute ♥ my laugh! ♥ my big freaking smile ♥ my compassion ♥ my understanding of people♥ how driven I am ♥ staying positive ♥ my singing voice ♥ I can make people laugh ♥ my humor ♥ my tattoos ♥ I love my small breast ♥ my appreciation ♥ love my legs ♥ hard finger nails ♥ up for adventure ♥ willing to learn new things ♥ never gives up ♥ forgiving ♥ loves to listen to people ♥ Goofy ♥ gives good advice ♥ Spiritual of the Universe ♥ Accountable for my actions ♥ completely honest with People ♥ believe in individuality ♥ Love my views of Earth ♥ respect all animals and people ♥ take charge of my life ♥ open my heart again ♥ being a mother ♥Take a chance in life ♥ Keep going ♥ Loyal to my true friends ♥ Good worker ♥ sincere ♥ helping people ♥speak from the heart ♥ Value love ♥ trying to not give up ♥Sensitive ♥ working on myself ♥ my strength ♥ I learned from my mistakes ♥ make awesome cup of coffee ♥ I'm a great cook ♥

Didn't get to 100, but I feel really good with what I have so far ♥♥  

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