Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Truthful Tuesday: And so it begins ♥

That's Right YES YOU CAN

I awoke today with this weird, happy energized feeling, and it was so foreign to me, but I'm loving it. Everything seems to put in perspective and I know what I have to do to continue to get what I want out of this life.

1.Losing 7 pounds: A couple of months ago I was someone that would wake up and go running I would work my core and eat nothing but clean food. Now? Now I'm someone that gets up to grab the chip bag and drink my days away  . I forgot about this website I joined and I really Love Tone It Up Join this site it's super Inspiring and they motivate you, if you want check them on Instagram  as well , using the hashtag #TIU and while your at it check my Instagram out HeathLoves_Life

2. My Joy of Reading: I have a great love of books, Self-help books and Spiritual books and really anything I can get my hands on, The smell, the feel of the pages I love them!!♥ my recent depression I couldn't even pick one up! today though I'm going to start reading

3. and Cleaning: Getting my house back in order and starting to organize and throw stuff away. It's time to Join society again and just live . I've always enjoyed a really clean home, Hate the cleaning part but I loved sitting down with a glass of wine and looking around with appreciating the fact that I did this♥

Really I'm over sitting around and letting life pass me by, I need to get moving , I need to make something of myself . I am extremely lucky and Grateful for things I have in my life. I shouldn't waste them away. All of my gifts and idea, mean something. It's not going to be easy, I will probably slip up here and there but I'm going to keep going and get my Mind,body and spirit back to shape♥

hugs and Kisses

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