Friday, September 27, 2013

Things I Love Thursday♥ ( Just a day Late)

I know I know everyone and their mother has a post like this, I'm just keeping up with traditions! and we all know it's my favorite season

♥ I love the way the nights start getting chilly and you can smell the fireplaces
♥Apple cider drinks, with or without whiskey in it
♥cooking up fall dishes, lots of Crock Pot meals with Squash and Pumpkin
♥The beautiful Colors and smells
♥Anything Pumpkin Spice. Drinks, Muffins.....
♥Warm sweaters and Leggings
♥Dark Nail Polish
♥snuggling up in bed
♥the city smells and Lights
♥Oh and Hockey 
Photo's I love♥
                                                                  I have a huge thing for Owls
                                                            Sweaters and Hot coco
                                                                    This is super cute!
Video I can't stop Laughing at LOL

Well that's it for now♥ Sorry it was late
Hugs and Kisses♥

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