Monday, September 30, 2013

October is almost here...and other things

I am super excited about October, it's really one of my favorite month's♥ The beginning of each month I always sit and write down a new To-do list or Goal list for that month. It can be something as simple as: Read 5 books, Cook 4 new meals work on self love♥ I only have one goal so far for October and that's Write 750 words a day. There's this great site ,I make my pumpkin coffee or some hot tea, turn on some Indie music or new age, and I sit in front of the computer and I just type. I get everything out, You can write more then 750 (which I normally do) and the great thing is at the end it shows you how you are feeling, with pie charts and graphs , so check it out!!

This weekend I had Saturday off, working at a bar weekends are a must to work, so when you get off on a Saturday you live it up!!! Well I lived it up! A little to much and boy did it kick my ass. Sunday morning and the whole afternoon I dealt with a nasty hang over before I headed in to work.

While I felt like poop, that same conversation rolled around my tongue and head, Why do I drink? or I'm never going to drink again, but I knew it was a lie. It made me think about my night and how I laughed with my friends and the staff, but I knew deep down it was so fake and it was from drinking. It wasn't real me, I know that a lot of times I don't know who I am and being 35 well it's super sad.

Even now I'm still feeling the effects of Saturday night.

Leaving you all with this

I can't stop laughing

hugs and kisses

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