Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lets switch that Victim mode to off

Sometimes I like to pretend I have it all together and I have every right to give advice to people that need it. Sometimes I just like to hear myself talk or in this case type. I hate that word VICTIM its really a ugly word, yet I find myself playing the part very well...

We all do, well most of us anyway, we all make those excuses to justify why we can't do this or whatever the case is. We love the attention that we get when we become the victim. Some of us have been trained to behave this way...Some of us that's all we know. a lot of times I'm kicking myself for acting like the victim. I bitch and moan as to why something doesn't work out " He hates me!!" or "No one understands Me" blah blah blah blah suck it up!! Ms. Heather

The thing is and I have said this so many times, You are in charge of your LIFE , YES that is YOU. no one else just you, You can do it!! This is really more for myself. So yeah I'm completely in charge of my life, Every thing that happens is my doing. I have to learn from it and not use it as a boo hoo me.

I hear myself ranting and I actually cringe inside of myself and I want to slap myself and be like stop!! give myself a little shake!

So what do You do? because it feels so awful being a victim and I truly hate it. The benefits to victim-hood  is to have the moral high ground, I'm right their wrong, another is getting lost in self pity and just wait to be saved, like a princess or prince. Also a lot of people think to have all this drama in your life, people wont listen to you. So you feel overwhelmed.

First thing to do is understand that there is no such  thing as victims, you even make excuses. So find the courage and take responsibility in your life. You are responsible for your life. Imagine what your life would be without being a victim!? What would my life be if I didn't play the victim? That's something I need to think about.

How about if I have compassion towards something in my life and understand that things happen and make better choices and change the way I look at things. Also If I stop thinking the worst in things and Keep seeing the good in things. Know that I deserve good things in life.

For me it's the Drama, I love it. I can be honest with myself and say that's why. I feel I have nothing else to bring to the table if I'm not moaning about some dude or situation. I cringe at this believe me because no one wants to be this honest with themselves and of course share it with everyone!.

This is the problem with me I have the understanding as why I do things, still though I don't have the drive to make it stop. Self-motivation ? this is something that is not in my vocabulary. So I have to figure the shit out, and see what I need to do to stop.

I guess I have to figure out why I think I'm not good enough? why I feel that having drama is the only way to feel special? that's a good place to start...

Anyone else in a victim mode?

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