Saturday, September 21, 2013

High's and Low's and other madness....

I came across this awesome idea on one of my favorite blogs I read SKUNKBOY What's your High and Low's for the day. I think this is a awesome idea♥ So lets start

High's: Going into work with a awesome attitude and staying busy, doing things that needed accomplished, staying on top of all my tables and still doing extra cleaning work

Low's: finding out I wasn't invited to a camping trip when pretty much every one of my coworkers were ,not going to lie, it hurt and when I get hurt I lash out and hurt others, I cringe when this happens and my mouth goes off and I start the shit talking : ( 

Not my proudest moment...

Today in the little town I work in is the Wine walk, a whole bunch of mostly middle aged women carry wine glasses around and demand local business's to fill them up for free while the sorta listen to the history of the town.... I always have to work. and boy today I'm working 14 hours straight, why? because of a lot of my coworkers went on a camping trip that I was not invited to.

I really didn't want this blog to be a bitch fest, I wanted this blog to help me grow as a human being. I wanted to learn to let things go, and learn to move on. I feel I'm getting worst every day with my anger and I'm going to blow up, and it's going to be a scary thing. I face it, I ignore it and nothing is making it better, I've been completely honest with it, and still I feel like I'm getting ass fucked, my body aches, my drinking is getting out of control and I can't feel joy.

Pretty much out of idea's
So what do you all do to let the anger go?

hugs and Kisses 

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