Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Currently and Things I love

We all Know that being Positive does not come easily to me. I have to work hard at it and really watch how I feel and say and well think as well. This is because I'm always looking and thinking of the bad in life.

I'm going to start thinking of more good things in Life, On thursday I post things I love online, but now I'm going to post things I love in my life
                                                                  #1 Kitties always make me smile

                                                                         #2 Pencil art
                                                                     #3 lots and lots of books
                                                        #4 Autumn and reading outside
                                                #5 Drinking coffee in the early morning

                                                             #6 Owls
                                                                        #7 Tattooed Men 
                                                                   #8 Good Movies
                                                                                 #9 Writing down all my thoughts♥
                                                    #10 My own recipe for Pumpkin spice coffee


Obsessing over: Movies and T.V. shows! I can't get enough of Netflick. I have already watched 95 streaming videos. My favorite is Gossip Girl right now I spend my early mornings or late evening watching this awesome show

Working on : Getting my body back into shape! When depression settled in so did my drive to workout die,in my head I would make these excuses that sounded legit as to why I could eat this or sit on my ass♥

Thinking about: Being enlighten or embracing my spirituality.. I have this huge calling to finally let go of so many things and move on♥

 Anticipating: This Monday trip to Philly to see the boy, We struggled for months, back and forth and now that his schooling is over and he's more relaxed his the boy that I fell for. I love philly, the food the night life, being with him♥♥

Listening too: So many different Kinds of music, my tastes have leaned towards Indie almost and I'm having fun, discovery new music♥

Wishing: Just that my nose would stop running... I've had this cold sickness forever now and I'm over it

How about YOU what are you doing today?

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