Wednesday, September 11, 2013

currently #2

I miss the beach, I love the peacefulness there

Feeling: That there's something better out there for me! I am anxious and a little frustrated that things aren't working out the way I thought they would. I'm taking deep breaths and reflecting over things Instead of Screaming and freaking out, SO I am moving forward and I'm actually dealing with my feelings rather then getting more angry because I'm not happy or bubbly

Listening toMonsters by Anna Scouten Inspired by the female folk pioneers of the '60s, today's female folk artists pay homage while moving the genre in bold new directions. From powerful folk-rock romps to delicate love ballads, these songs are carefully constructed, melodic, and thoughtful. Very pretty music and I'm loving it!!♥♥

Reading : Roses and Bones by Francesca Lia Block. Wow, it's so beautifully written with the story-line  Myths that she use. I've always been this huge fan of her! you can find her books in Young adult yet I don't think it's just for Teenagers, breathtaking!!

Thinking About : I've been thinking about Relationships, friendships and How they are so very important to me. When I don't feel satisfied in them, and the steps I need to do to not feel so shitty about them. I have huge expectations, I guess at time that can be a bad thing. So I always question if this relationship is right for me. Am I sticking around a toxic relationship? is this Healthy for me?  All things I need to think about.♥

Eating: I was Loving this Fall weather that seemed to have hit my town, but today the heat came back and it's like 93 outside, ugh come on Fall!! I'm nibbling on some chili pretending the leaves are changing colors outside♥

Looking Forward To: Tomorrow start my long 4 day work schedule and let me tell you I'm super excited about it! I'm working 10-12 hour shifts and I'm loving it because of the money. When you get your funds from tips, you get excited about working!!♥

Making me Happy : Writing this blog, I am finally doing the things I love again. Letting myself come out and play again. The real me, I'm not hiding as much anymore and I"m opening my heart up, and Healing from the things in my life that have hurt me

                        I love this Women!!!

Hugs and Kisses XOXO

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