Monday, July 25, 2011

lipstick stained smokes,and freckled shoulders!♥

Where do I even start? do I just start with photo's of the great time I had with my daughters at the beach? or do I just jump into,where it hit me that I enjoy drama in my life!? I sat on the phone off and on for almost 4 hours with my boyfriend, crying fighting and so much ridiculousness, So much, and then it hit me.... No one really enjoys drama it actually gives me a huge headache and drains me, though that's all I know! I am sitting here on the phone with him, Justifying my actions to something so stupid, then it hit me, this whole crazyness is because he misses me and HE does not know how to deal with it, so he attacks and then I try to make it better and we make up! all because of his insecurity, well guess what this is not happening anymore. I am going to keep my head held high, and just be happy not deal with anyone elses BS...♥♥

Lets get to the pics!!!

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