Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family is all that it matters!♥

Family is all that matters, but truthfully in my case it does it mean the ones that gave birth to me. Unhappiness hits most of my family members hard, their goal at times is to see who can be the most cruelest with out being so blunt. They are like rabid dogs snapping and snarling, I keep my mouth shut and wonder how I don't or didn't turn out like them?

I guide my daughters in being a strong positive person, one that understands why they feel the way they feel....I don't want them to hate others or disrespect others because they are miserable. I want them to make sound choices... I love my family at times they have your back and they are not as bad as others ( never have they beat me ect....) I have gotten some good qualities from my family, being a strong women ect... I just understand that my mother is a victim herself. So I want to end the cycle of victims raising victims. My family blames others for their pain. I understand that, how you react to situations are your doing♥♥

Day 4 at the beach and I'm pretty much just on my own.... my choice though...I do not want to get involved of the talking behind their backs .....I just have to keep loving me and moving on, sometimes though working on me and bettering me I feel so alone♥♥

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