Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Beach and working on me♥♥

15 days, of just me at the beach, I have 15 days of working on me and finding that peacefulness, that some how has been lost between bottles of wine and stained fingers of ciggeretts !!
Hello, it's been sometime, since I've been on here and these next two weeks I am going to work on writing every morning! I am at LBI NJ and this place is truly my first home!♥♥

I came here with so many hopes and goals of finding that peace that I use to have, Kiddos its time to forgive myself for my past actions! I can't change it, I can't be ashamed of it, I just need to grow and learn and be completely honest about it, I have made huge mistakes, I have hurt many in my battles of hating myself, but no more of that. NO more excuses of who I am or why I do things. Loving me and accepting me even my flaws is my main goal♥

I wonder how others do this I wonder, how others learn to forgive themselves? Can anyone answer this?

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