Thursday, February 10, 2011

A week of Experiances!!!♥♥

So far this week has been interesting and extremely busy, A good busy for me. I've accomplished allot on my to do lists! I've finished another book and Goal for this month is 6, so 4 more to go..
Book I'm reading now: Morganville Vampires book 2

I've been reading allot of books my daughter has been reading it's actually a wonderful experience because we get to have conversations about these books!

Sunday: Superbowl living in PA it seems that so many are fans of stealer's, Me not so much, only because of not a fan of football at all! I did my duty and went to a Superbowl party. Where on the counter tops were lined with all different kinds of drinks!! and they had a room that was just used for beer pong! another thing I'm not a fan of but I actually had a good time!

Monday: I made homemade Chip beef

and forced my daughter to eat it! I'm a huge fan of Chip daughter..not so much! I was proud that she at least tried it ( grumpy face she had) but yet she did try it!

Wed: I got to Experience Thai Food!!!

Pork pad Thai, never had it before but I love it!! it's always good to try new things and it was SO Yummy ♥♥

Today I'm making Owl cookies with 4 little girls and my amazing sister, I'm doing this while I fight a cold off but I'm sure I will still have fun doing it!♥

How is everyone Else's week going?

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Ram Bansal, the Theosoph said...

Hello dear Heather,
Have not seen you for a long time. You blog has matured into a beauty as you have always been. Happy valentine. Would love you to find you on facebook if you are there.