Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I'm doing....

So is anyone else sick of this snow?!?!?! Every week it snows I enjoyed it but now I'm really, sorta over the whole thing!

Here's some things I've been doing to keep from not going crazy!

Book I'm reading:

I'm half way threw it and I find it a great read so far! I love reading books on this period.This is based on the mother of those two little princes that went into the Tower and vanished, no one even to this day knows what happen to them. I think you all should read it!♥

blogs I've been loving: My Owl Barn it's a blog on things of owls, cute crafty things you can make, sweet treats that look like owls!!! I adore it !!!

Making some yummy foods: I've been trying my hardest to make my one recipe Garlic sizzling chicken perfect!, I want it to be BAM!!!! in your mouth. Once I do I'm going to share it right on here!! My ten year old loves this so much she can eat 8 legs!!

February Goals

1.Read 6 books
2. Clean the hotspots of my house ( you those places you shove things to hide them)
3. write a weekly blog
4.care how you look

4 is funny to me because I'm someone that really does it care , but I'm tired of being asked what grade I'm in or if I'm working to save up money to go to collage ect...I'm 33 years old !!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday

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