Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home at last!

I'm finally home...Last night I got to sleep in my own bed and I got to be with my kitties ! ♥ There's something about finally being home after days away!. You feel complete and you feel like well YOU!!!
I was psyched about seeing my cats, they ran up to me showing me so much love! Last night I made some dinner for a couple of friends and we sat around drinking wine and talking about Life, it was wonderful experience that I'm very grateful for!
My close friend Lisa asked me to get my tarot cards out, and read our friends John's cards. This is something I've been doing since I was 9 years old...It scares many people, and so many others judge it and look down at me for doing it

Here's the deck I have, I love them, I don't really talk about them that much do to the fact that I have lost friends over them,... I don't sit in a dark room with a candle burning asking the cards how I can make my life better...that's not what the cards are for...I believe the cards are your subconscious helping you to figure out how to fix a problem in your life! I also believe your dreams do this as well...

This is so cute!!!!!♥♥

Well I finished one book today actually it took me 2 hrs to read it Inner Wisdom By Louise Hay

Really think you all should read it! ♥ It was such a inspiration to me and it truly made me happy and rethink in a good way about my life!!!

Have a wonderful day! ♥

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