Thursday, February 24, 2011

all the great stuff! ♥

So I've been sick, extremely sick with the flu last week! I felt like I was dying and I was curled up in a little ball. The bathroom was my bed for 13 hours straight... I felt like I was a addict and I needed a fix

I got a playstation 3 yesterday!I've finally joined the real world of gamming, I love playing games! I'm a big dork like that... I've been playing FF13 and Little big planet, which is very cute and fun!

I went and saw I am number 4 and I loved it!! I also think the main charactor is a little hottie.

I ran into a ex boyfriend of mine on monday. We actually lived together for almost 2 years, he ended up moving to Hawaii. Our relationship was very very unhealthy. He mentally abused me for years. I thought that , that was how relationships were suppose to be..into now. He actually said he was sorry for how he treated me, he told me that he was in a dark place, and he hated women..blah blah ..yeah I knew all this I am very grateful for him saying he was sorry. He wanted a 2nd chance, all I can give him now is maybe friendship, and even this is something we have to work on.

March is coming very soon and this month just flew by, I'm very excited about a new month and new goals!
bye for now

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