Friday, February 25, 2011

two kitty photo's

Sorry only have a enough time to show you these two pics of the Kitty! So cute ♥♥

Thursday, February 24, 2011

all the great stuff! ♥

So I've been sick, extremely sick with the flu last week! I felt like I was dying and I was curled up in a little ball. The bathroom was my bed for 13 hours straight... I felt like I was a addict and I needed a fix

I got a playstation 3 yesterday!I've finally joined the real world of gamming, I love playing games! I'm a big dork like that... I've been playing FF13 and Little big planet, which is very cute and fun!

I went and saw I am number 4 and I loved it!! I also think the main charactor is a little hottie.

I ran into a ex boyfriend of mine on monday. We actually lived together for almost 2 years, he ended up moving to Hawaii. Our relationship was very very unhealthy. He mentally abused me for years. I thought that , that was how relationships were suppose to be..into now. He actually said he was sorry for how he treated me, he told me that he was in a dark place, and he hated women..blah blah ..yeah I knew all this I am very grateful for him saying he was sorry. He wanted a 2nd chance, all I can give him now is maybe friendship, and even this is something we have to work on.

March is coming very soon and this month just flew by, I'm very excited about a new month and new goals!
bye for now

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A week of Experiances!!!♥♥

So far this week has been interesting and extremely busy, A good busy for me. I've accomplished allot on my to do lists! I've finished another book and Goal for this month is 6, so 4 more to go..
Book I'm reading now: Morganville Vampires book 2

I've been reading allot of books my daughter has been reading it's actually a wonderful experience because we get to have conversations about these books!

Sunday: Superbowl living in PA it seems that so many are fans of stealer's, Me not so much, only because of not a fan of football at all! I did my duty and went to a Superbowl party. Where on the counter tops were lined with all different kinds of drinks!! and they had a room that was just used for beer pong! another thing I'm not a fan of but I actually had a good time!

Monday: I made homemade Chip beef

and forced my daughter to eat it! I'm a huge fan of Chip daughter..not so much! I was proud that she at least tried it ( grumpy face she had) but yet she did try it!

Wed: I got to Experience Thai Food!!!

Pork pad Thai, never had it before but I love it!! it's always good to try new things and it was SO Yummy ♥♥

Today I'm making Owl cookies with 4 little girls and my amazing sister, I'm doing this while I fight a cold off but I'm sure I will still have fun doing it!♥

How is everyone Else's week going?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home at last!

I'm finally home...Last night I got to sleep in my own bed and I got to be with my kitties ! ♥ There's something about finally being home after days away!. You feel complete and you feel like well YOU!!!
I was psyched about seeing my cats, they ran up to me showing me so much love! Last night I made some dinner for a couple of friends and we sat around drinking wine and talking about Life, it was wonderful experience that I'm very grateful for!
My close friend Lisa asked me to get my tarot cards out, and read our friends John's cards. This is something I've been doing since I was 9 years old...It scares many people, and so many others judge it and look down at me for doing it

Here's the deck I have, I love them, I don't really talk about them that much do to the fact that I have lost friends over them,... I don't sit in a dark room with a candle burning asking the cards how I can make my life better...that's not what the cards are for...I believe the cards are your subconscious helping you to figure out how to fix a problem in your life! I also believe your dreams do this as well...

This is so cute!!!!!♥♥

Well I finished one book today actually it took me 2 hrs to read it Inner Wisdom By Louise Hay

Really think you all should read it! ♥ It was such a inspiration to me and it truly made me happy and rethink in a good way about my life!!!

Have a wonderful day! ♥

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can't wait to go home......

Because of these storms that keep hitting my area, I have to spend another day at my Ma's house. Of course that means endless computer time, drinking wine and eating with the family,which yes are all wonderful experiences to have....I want to scream at the top of my lungs I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!

Please don't take this wrong love my mother, but her and I are really so different, she's completely blinded by things that are truly going on around her. A complainant comes out of her mouth when she opens it. It irks me and I feel my brain hurting the moment I step into her beautiful huge house!!!

I so miss my kitties as well and I can't wait to hold them, and kiss their little faces!!♥

3 things That made me happy today:

1.going to work and getting paid to have fun with Customers ( it was a snow day!)
2.Watching the Simpsons,with my favorite Ten year old
3. Taking a wonderful hot bubble bath!

cenno, when he was younger, I love this little guy so much!!!! Can't wait to go home!

Things I'm doing....

So is anyone else sick of this snow?!?!?! Every week it snows I enjoyed it but now I'm really, sorta over the whole thing!

Here's some things I've been doing to keep from not going crazy!

Book I'm reading:

I'm half way threw it and I find it a great read so far! I love reading books on this period.This is based on the mother of those two little princes that went into the Tower and vanished, no one even to this day knows what happen to them. I think you all should read it!♥

blogs I've been loving: My Owl Barn it's a blog on things of owls, cute crafty things you can make, sweet treats that look like owls!!! I adore it !!!

Making some yummy foods: I've been trying my hardest to make my one recipe Garlic sizzling chicken perfect!, I want it to be BAM!!!! in your mouth. Once I do I'm going to share it right on here!! My ten year old loves this so much she can eat 8 legs!!

February Goals

1.Read 6 books
2. Clean the hotspots of my house ( you those places you shove things to hide them)
3. write a weekly blog how you look

4 is funny to me because I'm someone that really does it care , but I'm tired of being asked what grade I'm in or if I'm working to save up money to go to collage ect...I'm 33 years old !!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday