Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet home sweet home!♥

Going home today after work! Which I'm so psyched about, I'm a hot mess, and I almost feel bad for going to work looking the way I do. Didn't know I was staying at my mom's for this long. Not complaining, Just soooo ready to go, my uncool corkscrew curls are giving me a mental patient look, I'm usually putting so much product in my hair to have it stick straight that lasts for 2 days! those two day's are up buddy...

I miss my Kitties ! I miss my girls!! I can't wait to see all of them. Dreading the stinky cat litter box..wish they knew how to clean up the box themselves!

Blogs I'm reading

All of these blogs are wonderful in their own way. I love strong,Sweet women, that make something of themselves....

Books I'm reading : Eat,Pray,Love - being at my mom's I have it really been reading as much as I should have..because Of the internet, Oh internet you are such a joy but a curse as well♥

Well off to work I go♥

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