Monday, January 31, 2011

my head will be better tomorrow...

I've been dealing with a couple of crappy days, here In Heather's land....I've been so angry I just want to Scream my head off , like a raving lunatic.Now I have the worst pain in my jaw,because I've been holding that feeling in!!! I wish I could be a kid again and just throw a tantrum screaming and kicking! Gosh that would be great!

I've been sorta holding my own with wonderful friends, John the guy in the pic with me has been a really calm Cat for me.Plus others! I will get threw this, I just need to completely understand why this is happening to me? What am I ignoring in my life or something I'm feeling and not dealing with♥♥

I'm going to promise that My blogging will get better again, Trust me I actually can I really can really, I just sorta lost it...not sure how that happen but it has....So to those who remember how I use to write I'm trying to bring it back, those who are new to my blog I swear I can do better...Goodnight!♥

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