Friday, January 14, 2011

hard week ....

I'm surrounded by death, every where I turn someone has passed away.. No One truly close to me,I just see this horriable pain in my friends eyes! I feel so much sorrow on social networks that I'm on.

Sometimes I feel I'm so alone when things like this happen, I give comfort to my friends, and I say the words that everyone tells them...over and Over I hear the same thing being said. Nothing is going to bring these people back..they are not dead You can't hide and lock yourself in a room! Remember who these wonderful people were...and smile because they were in your life! Strange what sort of People come out when someone dies..People I never knew the deceased knew??? Why is this??

I spent my days this week crying, not sure if it's my time of the month or I have a lot of forgiving to do with myself..but I just bawl♥ If you knew me you would know that I don't cry, not because I don't find anything wrong with it I just don't! I have this understanding of things in life...

I was never one to cry in front of people and even now it's hard for me too..I would rather smile or crack a joke... I'm rambling♥

These are just my thoughts hope everyone's week went well

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