Friday, January 7, 2011

Goals and letting all this go...

Funny thing after 3 months or so of working on me, I can see one thing ( or well one person) and it all comes crashing down on me.. Ever been in that place where you run into someone that your not ready to run into and your guy feels like it's being ripped out and your heart is beating so fast?
Yeah that was me about 1 hour ago!!! Does this mean that all my hard work did not pay off?? I don't think so, it shows that I do have some forgiving to do and I'm not yet heal of the pain that this person has caused in my life.... Thing is folks I get so frustrated because I don't want to feel this way at all, This person made a choice and he has to live with why do I have to feel and deal with? That's just It I don't..I have the power in me to control my feelings and thoughts and let this whole thing go.... blogging about it is really helping to♥♥
January Goals 5 books ( I already have 2 down)
2.Make bedroom completely spotless
3.Clean up friends list on daily todo lists

really excited about these goals!! Wed. was my birthday and it was great spending it with my family♥ Today I'm spending it with my friends and next week their should be photo's
Have a wonderful weekend and remember be proud who you are ♥

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