Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As they say this too shall pass...

Funny how old people have so much wisdom in there feeble little minds, so many of us don't even listen to them anymore espically when we see that their mind is going

As they Say this too shall pass...

My grandmother yesterday kept saying this in every little conversation we all had. I saw my mother just smiling at her as if she was a little girl...I started really thinking about this Quote seriously thinking about it...What a easy simple little saying, my Grandmother just shrugged her bony shoulders and really had no strong emotion in anything, well that's not all completely true she had complete feeling of bliss and happiness!!!♥♥ So today I should just live with that saying in my mind, I should just feel it right down to the little cells in my body. Maybe I could relax more and not worry that something or someone is out to get me? Is it funny, or well in case I know that people are situations are not out to destroy me, but my mind has other ideas !

The book I'm reading: Eat, Pray, Love, excellent book I would recommend it for everyone!

Well folks off to work I am have a wonderful,beautiful day!!

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