Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what I've been doing

Hello everyone!! It's been a busy couple of weeks for me. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I recieved many books that I've been going through very quickly. My new Love Is "Tuesday's with Morrie" which is amazing book about life experiences!!

I've been working on bettering myself for almost 2 months now. Every day I love myself more.I'm happier and freer! I've been letting the bad people in my life go. Not dealing with drama..I've also been reading anything I can get my hands on!!!

Books I've read:

-He's Just not that into you
-You can heal your life
-I can Do It
-Power thoughts

So as you See I've been really busy. Today I"m going to work on my Grateful list and do some forgiving of myself and others. I can't get past somethings in my life,because I have a problem with feeling Self-Righteous,and Resentment. What a waste of energy!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

pretty interesting!!!

Last week I talked about relationships, and how I feel that I'm growing and so many in my life are stuck in a void of just wanting to be miserable .... I was seeing this guy who I thought was pretty amazing and I ignored all the signs that he was just not into me. Yes we has amazing converstations we would talk for hours and I would make him laugh and we always set up plans, but I ignored that he was it completely there. He ended up just telling me that where he is right now in his life he didn't want a relationship.... Boy did my girlfriends get mad!! lol you know what though I was it I thanked him for being completely honest with me, and yes rejection does suck, but I know that it was not because of me. Was not the right time or it was not their for him! and that's not his fault.... He was pretty amazed at how I took it... and thanked me...
Some of my friends thought it would be really great of them to call him a jerk or a player but really it was my fault..I look back now and seen all the signs that yeah he was it into me but I ignored it!... it shows that my friends need some growing up to do....
People need to realize that when the reject you and say no it's not really you! don't take in personally!!!
Anyway next week him and I are going to hockey game, since I can be chill and respect him : ) see I made a new friend!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Another week went by and I find myself in such a situation. I find that I'm growing as a person and my friends and love ones are still stuck in a place that I don't want to be. The above picture is my best guy friend, I love him so much and he's always been there for me! But the fact that I'm growing and I'm starting to love myself more each day! I feel that he's stuck in a place I don't want to be anymore, and he's not doing anything about it!
People make choices in their lives, and if they don't admit or try to make things better, or they just harp on and on about it how are they going to grow!
I'm also starting to date..again and I think I've waited 3 years that 's long enough! it's truly hard let me tell you...though I think that it's harder for men. Men are sorta clueless when it comes to dating and I believe that women have the upper hand! I know that I don't fit the mold as most women in my area, it actually hurts me to hear my male friends talk about how they have been hurt by these women! Also though I'm really surprised that they even picked them!
I met someone that I feel like I have a connection with, he thrives on life and I think gets it how life is! though I think he's been hurt really bad! and can't let that go. Since I've been talking to him this girl has been stalking me and asking me questions, I want to know the story but I don't know how to approach him on this. With out causing my problems or drama....
I think I should just let him go because he needs to figure things out but being a women you always want to help people..sigh oh well
Have a good weekend xoxox

Friday, December 3, 2010

Silly things we do

Happy Friday!! folks, I hope everyone had a really amazing week and you all have great plans for this weekend! I'm working it's what I do on the weekend : ) not complaining just stating.
Today I've been feeling really happy and I have this big huge smile on my face that I can't get rid of! It does it even bother me that my niece wants to watch the tweleve dancing princess again for the tenth time in the row.
I've been doing this excersis that every time I think a bad thought about myself I push it away and tell myself that "I love you Heather and all is well" silly I know but I think it's working♥
Life is always throwing things at us just to see how we are going to handle it, I was someone that always just blew off as Oh well something else that didn't work for me..well I'm over it! I do deserve the best in life I just have to go for it!!! ♥
hope everyone else is good

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Really can't belive it's December already!!! Time is going so fast! How is everyone? and how was the turkey day? I ate so much that I forgot to bring home leftovers..groan..those are the best!

My goals of bettering me are actually going pretty well. I'm taking one step at a time and learning that people don't make me, I make me! I've also been learning to forgive people who have hurt me, and get this to forgive myself!♥

Went out last weekend with some work friends and my best friend! had a blast here's some photo's

I came to realize that I need to go shopping that I need some new clothes! I keep wearing the same thing! so that's going on my todo list♥