Monday, November 1, 2010

what's in my bag...

Hello!! everyone I've gotten this Idea by another blog I read The Crafty Fox pretty nice blog so check it out!!! anyway this is all that's in my purse and really my purse is usually pretty junky filled with so much stuff but since I just cleaned it out your in luck!

1. my purple comb I'm always teasing my hair and this comes in handy
2. I have 3 little bags in my purse one is a wallet for my cards, the pink one is for my lipgloss and perfume and the last is for my cash!!!
3. Is a little book I carry around I write things down that pop in my head or something that I hear that I fall in love with
4. always need meds!!!
5. I use sanitizer all the time!! yucky germs
6. A lighter yes I'm a smoker
7. you know this is a plug not sure for what but it's in my purse lol

Any way what's in your purse

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