Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy ThanksGiving!!!!! I wanted to start off with saying that..I've been waiting for this day for weeks. I love to eat and I love to cook lots of food for people and watch them enjoy it. 6am here and I've been up for almost 2 hours

10 Things I'm Thankful for:

1.My family-they have driven me around this past year, taken me to work picked me up ect..I'm very thankful for that

2.My children: Everyday They make me smile, every day they grow and enjoy new experiences and I'm happy and thankful that I get to experience that

3.I am thankful for having a job, in this day and age with the economy so many people can not work I am thankful that I have one..

4. Friends: My friends are truly amazing people!!! they have stuck by me this whole year where I have been tested just how strong I can be!!!

5.Kitchen: my kitchen has brought so many people close together!!! friends, come over and see what I'm cooking

6.Internet: I have met a lot of great amazing people on the internet,and I'm so happy that they are in my life

7. my bed: Ohkay I know that sounds silly but I'm so thankful for the times that I get to have soundless sleep in my bed!!!

8. Books: I love to read and I'm thankful for ever book I get my little fingers on!!!

9. Music: This year for me was the time for music when I was down I turned on music and let myself forget about all my problems

10. Me: I'm thankful for being me, thankful that I still can wake up with a smile on my face and support my friends and love ones

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