Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I got my owl tattoo and I love it!!! I think it turned out so nice,and he did such a great job on it. I've been getting alot of compliments on it as well.

This past week I have been doing alot of soul searching and reading some amazing books about how positive thinking can change your whole life around! I know now from experience that this really does work and I cut out the bad stuff from my thoughts and Keep thinking of postive things that I want to happen in my life!!! ♥

I've been hanging out with some great friends,and slowly weeding out the one's that really are not that good for me! I affirm and tell myself that I love me threw out the day! and every day I get stronger and healthy as well!!!

I've been reading a lot of books from Louise L Hay, who is really a wonderful writer and she helps you stay positive and gives you simple tools to do so!! so please read her books!

Thankful Thursday :

1.My girls I love them and they bring me joy every day

2. My friends they make me see things that I might now see about myself

3. My family they help me and deal with me being sick

4. Waking up!! being sick I stay positive and every morning I awake feeling blessed that I'm still.

what are you thankful for


blue eyed night owl said...

Wow, your owl tattoo turned out amazing!

Heather said...

Thanks!!! Blue eyed night owl, I'm working on another one once this one heals up! thanks for stopping by!!♥