Friday, November 19, 2010

happy friday

So it's Friday!!! that means to me it's the last day off before I have to go back to work. I've been hitting it old school and got out the old playstation 2 and have been playing some old RPG's like final fantasy and such, trying to get a perfect score on these games!! exciting I know!!!

check it out doing that silly face that I do...

I'm a sucker in taking in people's unwanted cats, my goal I believe is to be the Cat lady and to be single the rest of my no that's a joke...

I took in my friends Kitten which I showed a pic before on here,he's a bangle and I have to say he is sooooooooo bad

His name is Ceeno! he has ripped the drywall off my walls, flicked off all the keys off my keyboard, showered with me... ate and stole my food off the stove!!! but you know he's the cutest little thing ever!

I woke up with a running nose and a stuffy head : ( I hope it's not going to last because I feel that I've gotten every kinda sickness you can think of and for real I'm done with it! so over it!

I hope soon I get internet so much,do i feel like i'm missing...

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