Friday, November 12, 2010

Goals for November

Loving this ink! I'm pretty psyched about getting my owl tattoo done on monday...The great thing is I'm getting it done for free! so that even makes it better.

This month I'm going to be working on bettering me...Letting these stressful 8 months pass me by. Letting go of losing many people that I thought were my friends. Dealing with being yelled at and bullied Just because One Man has chosen to not be adult and take he's responsiablity in life .... it does it matter why my life has been upside down..all I know is that I'm not going to stand around and let them tear me down!

November Goals :

1. loving me

2.Having a clean house

3. being that happy person that I know I am

simple right?

It should be, I'm slowly getting rid of those friends that just kept not treating me right. I have so much to offer as a friend.

Any of you folks have goals for november ? I would like to hear them

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