Thursday, November 25, 2010

Favorites on the web♥♥

Since I'm on the web I'm going to post what I can, The sun is starting to rise and I can hear the house stirring my family is getting up. My ten year old has already told me Good Morning but rolled over and went right back to sleep. Her hair matted to her check and her body twisted in a weird angle.

I wonder what my cats are doing at home knowing that they are probably getting into something they shouldn't be and I'm sure they are missing me so much♥

New Photo's of the Kitten Ceeno :

He won't let anyone near that toy he does this little growl that is not even scary at all lol he's so cute!♥

I want this library !!! I love the fireplace and all the books, I want to get all these books♥♥

I love owls!! always have..I find this pic tooo cute for words I want to find out how to make them!! I'm thinking of adding more owls to my wonderful owl tattoo, I know they are a very big thing now, but it's something I've always liked!♥

Well coffee time!!♥

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