Thursday, November 25, 2010


I got this idea from one of my Fav. Blogs I like to read. Running with scissors 15 random facts about you! ♥ I think it's a really good idea. So Here it goes♥

1.When I was younger I had a 6 inch blue mohawk..yup I never really cared what people thought of me
2.I love making homemade Mexican food, yuppers from scratch and yup I hear from people i'm pretty good at it
3.My mind is filled with random little facts, that I just yell out at the most randomness times
4.I have Leukemia and I also have Epilepsy, but I'm happy and smiling each day
5.I was a singer in a punk band!!! I miss those days sorta
6.I've been clean for about 11 years off of all drugs which I'm so proud of myself
7.I love quotes and Affirmations!! and I completely believe in them!!♥
8.I use to be a hardcore tomboy but the past 3 years Im finding my girly side!
9.I use to have 22 piercings
10.I can't bake at all cookies,cakes it's not in me to
11.been all over the USA!!!
12. I love reading comic books
13. I own 175 pairs of them!!!
14. Dislike women who go to the bathroom in small groups
15. I believe in living every day like it's your last♥

So Ohkay lets hear some of yours!!!♥♥

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