Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little bit about me..♥

So I got this Idea from amazing blog I've been reading , The Electric twist I think everyone that reads this blog should read it. I love how she writes! and what she does!

So Hi My name Is Heather, and I'm Pa. I live near the Capital oF Pennsylvania, if you enjoy the country then you will like my area!♥

1. I have 3 cats, not sure really how that happen but I ended up having 3 in a 4 month time period...

This is Ceeno He's the only male cat that I have, he's about 2 months old and he's really bad, he's part bangle which is a huge breed!

2.I have a unique laugh, I only do it when something really funny happens, I actually squeal ! It's embarrassing but it's who I am♥

3. I think friendships are very important to me, and I try to be their for all my friends no matter what♥

4. I hate Starbucks but I'm in love with their Pumpkin latte I love how it's orange and the whip cream and ohhhhh it's sooo yummy♥

5. I do look at the good in people, but I have a problem with looking at the bad as well : ( wish I didn't do that♥

6. love watching movies! love just having those days were I can relax with a movie and just chill♥

7. I like hearts : ) can you tell♥

8. I love owls, and octopuses Love anything about them♥

9. I love music really into classic rock or 90's music

10. I have this thing about quotes I love them!!!! ♥

Well I hope this helps you know me a little better, hope everyone has a great day!!

I want to be that girl that changed everything.The girl that made a difference.The girl that gave you a story to tell


Sarah Peracchino said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for the link to my blog! :)

I love your kitty! And I also LOVE owls! They are beautiful creatures!

xoxo, sarah

Heather said...

Thanks!!! I love your blog and the way you right, and I'm drawing up a owl for my next tattoo and your welcome♥