Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 : Parents
My mother and I are really close, she is my strength and she is my hope that if I keep fighting in life things will work out for me.... My mother raised us on her own, and she never has asked anyone for help or money. We grew up really poor but we never went for nothing clothes and food and Yes love. My mother is a inspiration for me and she shows me how to be a strong independent women who can stand on my own two feet♥

My Father..sad to say I never honestly knew him, I look at it that's on him and he is missing out on the best times with me and my own children♥♥

Day 5 : Siblings

where to start with this one lol, Theirs ten of us all together, but I have one sister that we share the same mother and father, Her name is Shawn and she's funny, and she's smaller then me which I'm just over 5 feet and she's under 5.... she also has blond hair and green eyes, where I take after my mother and have dark hair and eyes. My sister does a lot for my children I will always be in debt with her.♥

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