Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Monday!!!!♥

So it's Monday, and I'm drinking my hazelnut coffee and looking out the window at the trees and how beautiful they look with reds,yellows and orange leaves. At this point I can truly say:

In my world nothing ever goes wrong!!

I'm still at my mother's house and today i will head back home after work with my little girls and see how the cats held up being on their own for the weekend.


I love this little Journal it's so cute!!! (source)

I'm working today as well only 5 hrs 12-5 sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it :) I would rather be cooking or spending that time with my girls..

Since my internet is still down at my house I won't be able to write a lot of blogs next time will be on thursday when I go to my sisters to help with her little one....

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