Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 10 and 11,

Day 10: Something your afraid of :

So this is hard because I'm not scared of anything, at all!! If you want to count something happening to my babies then ohkay I'll say that but I think that's any mother, or I guess I hate those bugs that have 1000 legs ( shivers) but I wouldn't say I was really scared of them. Just don't like them♥

Day 11: Favorite TV shows

3. No Ordinary family

that's about it!♥

Day 8 and Day 9....

Day 8: A place I traveled to

I'm actually I really believe lucky, because I have a wonderful Grandmother, who has given me the experience of traveling a lot around the US and I've been lucky to go to London!!!! I was 7 years old and I remember just being in love with the city, the history the funny little accents! the food and so on so on.... I wish I have a scanner so I can show you pics! but I don't : ( so you just have to take my word for it. I went there back in the 1980's and believe me I want to go back and experience it now! older and wiser....

Day 9 : Pictures of your Friends

I have sooooo many pics of me and my friends! I love my friends and i cherish every moment with them

Here's just a few !! always cherish the people in your life♥

Friday, October 29, 2010

Love love love Halloween!!! The whole trick or treat, the whole getting candy, seeing my girls run around in scary silly outfits!!, Love sitting outside drinking apple cider and handing out candy to all the other kids...

I do have to say though that this month has went by so fast October is all ready gone almost.

My internet is still not working and It looks like I will only be on once a week now : ( it makes me sad

I still have this writer's block thinging going on aauuuggghhh it's maddening

Quote of the week:

we have to learn to be our own best friend, because we fall to easily into the trap of being our own worse enemies

What a great Quote and how true this it!!! ♥


I want this hoody I think it's super cute!!! and looks warm♥ What things do you all wear in the fall? well I hope you all have a great night ♥

Day 7 favorite movies ...

Favorite Movies:

1. The Goonies
2. Little women
3. Hangover
4. zombie films
5. taking Lives

Just to name a few I have so many, and of course I could say Fight club and all those movies which I love but everyone says them!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 6 a picture of something that makes you smile

This right here makes me so happy whenever I See her I smile and I get this wonderful feeling in my heart. Every day she is a joy in my life and we experience great things and always have new adventures. She balances me and she made me who I am today.. I love her ♥

I do have a youngest daughter as well due to things going on in my life I can not show pics of her : ( but I love both my daughters

Beautiful Monday!!!!♥

So it's Monday, and I'm drinking my hazelnut coffee and looking out the window at the trees and how beautiful they look with reds,yellows and orange leaves. At this point I can truly say:

In my world nothing ever goes wrong!!

I'm still at my mother's house and today i will head back home after work with my little girls and see how the cats held up being on their own for the weekend.


I love this little Journal it's so cute!!! (source)

I'm working today as well only 5 hrs 12-5 sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it :) I would rather be cooking or spending that time with my girls..

Since my internet is still down at my house I won't be able to write a lot of blogs next time will be on thursday when I go to my sisters to help with her little one....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

♥♥ Happy Sunday♥♥

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Sunday! Today was so beautiful out!! I love love fall♥♥ and I love my new attutude in life. I love the smell of pumpkins and the Crisp air and the leaves falling love it all ♥

Yay to Pumpkin spice latte!!!!,it's the only thing I drink at starbucks I'm not a fan

All the positive energies of the universe are flowing through me.

So loving this Quote at the moment I think that if I could just remember this and stay positive my life will turn around for the best!

Right now I'm curled up in my mother's guest bed and drinking a glass of red wine and watching a Lifetime movie... one of my secrets hee hee I love lifetime movies ssshhhh don't tell. Funny thing this weekend I locked my keys in my apartment and have been locked out all weekend♥ I'm such a ditsy person sometimes.. Can't complain that much because I'm reconnecting with the ma and eating wonderful foods and tasting great wines!!
Well how is everyone's Sunday going?

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 : Parents
My mother and I are really close, she is my strength and she is my hope that if I keep fighting in life things will work out for me.... My mother raised us on her own, and she never has asked anyone for help or money. We grew up really poor but we never went for nothing clothes and food and Yes love. My mother is a inspiration for me and she shows me how to be a strong independent women who can stand on my own two feet♥

My Father..sad to say I never honestly knew him, I look at it that's on him and he is missing out on the best times with me and my own children♥♥

Day 5 : Siblings

where to start with this one lol, Theirs ten of us all together, but I have one sister that we share the same mother and father, Her name is Shawn and she's funny, and she's smaller then me which I'm just over 5 feet and she's under 5.... she also has blond hair and green eyes, where I take after my mother and have dark hair and eyes. My sister does a lot for my children I will always be in debt with her.♥

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 2 and Day 3 of the 30 day blog posts

Okay so I'm catching up in this 30 day blog posts thinging, and since my internet is down, but my ma is kind of enough to let me camp at her house as I've been sick, and for some reason my apartment has no heat or hot water!! I can get all caught up! ♥

Day 2 Meaning behind your blog name:

Social whore, I call it this because I'm always talking to people! I'm always meeting new amazing people, and hearing their stories,and adventures!! which to me is strange because in away I'm actually a shy person♥

Day 3: Your First Love:

My first love, was amazing young man who didn't love me back...I learned a lot from him and he tried to give me what I could but he just couldn't. We always have this amazing connection...and to this day he is the only man I have ever love♥♥ My eyes are wide open right now and I see that he was not good for me but I did learn a lot , and I'm always grateful for are time together!!

A little bit about me..♥

So I got this Idea from amazing blog I've been reading , The Electric twist I think everyone that reads this blog should read it. I love how she writes! and what she does!

So Hi My name Is Heather, and I'm Pa. I live near the Capital oF Pennsylvania, if you enjoy the country then you will like my area!♥

1. I have 3 cats, not sure really how that happen but I ended up having 3 in a 4 month time period...

This is Ceeno He's the only male cat that I have, he's about 2 months old and he's really bad, he's part bangle which is a huge breed!

2.I have a unique laugh, I only do it when something really funny happens, I actually squeal ! It's embarrassing but it's who I am♥

3. I think friendships are very important to me, and I try to be their for all my friends no matter what♥

4. I hate Starbucks but I'm in love with their Pumpkin latte I love how it's orange and the whip cream and ohhhhh it's sooo yummy♥

5. I do look at the good in people, but I have a problem with looking at the bad as well : ( wish I didn't do that♥

6. love watching movies! love just having those days were I can relax with a movie and just chill♥

7. I like hearts : ) can you tell♥

8. I love owls, and octopuses Love anything about them♥

9. I love music really into classic rock or 90's music

10. I have this thing about quotes I love them!!!! ♥

Well I hope this helps you know me a little better, hope everyone has a great day!!

I want to be that girl that changed everything.The girl that made a difference.The girl that gave you a story to tell