Sunday, March 7, 2010

it's been along time....

I've been busy....

Not really doing anything but causing reckless in my life... Same old same old shit.

My knee's are still fucked up and I hate working on them... I put on such a front at work and then as soon as I get home I crumbled to the floor in a mess of vomit and tears, This is no lie I'm in so much pain I actually throw up.

Work is on this new mission to make me hate them even more. My daughter was sick really sick and I called to let them know that I needed to stay home with her. Of course The company I work for prides themselves in being family orient ... so they gave me a choice to either find someone or get written up. I don't get written up, every!!! sO my mother took off work and stayed home with my child. Not her responsibility but I got to work on time .This world is really screwed up. Today is sunday and I awoke to my knees even worst shape and I called off I will take the write up I guess I can't walk and my knees are huge and swollen. My manager actually hung up on.... sigh I don't call off I sacrifice being a mother to go to work. I hate my job

I ended it with a new lover because I couldn't help but feel that I deserve better then a booty call. When I had the convo with him he said it was fine because he met someone. Snort.... double snort... what the hells wrong with me!!!

My quest for making new friends is hard no body trusts anyone..clicks like to not except any new people...

well this is it for now kisses


nothingprofound said...

Sounds like you're having a hard time. What's wrong with your knees?

One of The Guys said...

I didn't know you had such knee problems!??

I'm curious what company do you work for that doesn't give you time off to take care of your daughter??

Haven't seen you in a while. Come visit us sometime. :)

Take care!