Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's way cool being a girl

I use to have this weird thing I did as a child. I remember it plainly at age 5 but I'm not sure how old I was when it started. When ever someone asked me my name, I would always say it was Steve.

My mother would shake her head and my sister would snicker behind her hand. I just always wanted to be a boy!!!

Maybe at a young age I understood how so much more relaxed boys were, how they were it so bound up in a tight ball, Where society didn't look down at them and expected them to act or be a certain way. Because if you think about it boys are not suppose to act anyway.

I always defied everything that I could think of. I was the girl that always smoked in the bathroom with the boys ( yes I'm talking about the boys bathroom) I belched and farted and flung my boogers and screaming girls. I was always the cool girl or the one that the girlfriends hated cause their boys would call me up if they had problems. I've gotten threatened so many times that I was going to get my ass kick If I didn't stay away someone's boyfriend.

You know what was funny... I never wanted there boyfriends, I knew their secrets I knew what they did behind their girlfriends back, and sorry girls it's not what you would Like.

Years later when I started growing into my skin... I was such a late bloomer I really started understanding why it's so good to be a girl!!! and I'm not talking about free drinks , boys pay, or what ever, I'm not that superficial. We have compassion and we have a need to forgive and we have understanding. As some of our fine points. Yes we have sex appeal that we can use to get what we want. And Yes folks and boys we can play our head games and let me tell you, we do do them better we just let you all think you pulled one over us. : )

What's my point in this well... nothing really I'm happy at being a women. It's good feeling I'm happy about being a strong independent women. Yes I do frighten people with my waging tongue and my great fuck you approach to life, but that's me.... and it's way cool


Bag Man said...

I've always wanted to be a girl for a day to see what it's like. You know, to have boobs and a vagina. I think that would be cool! Is that strange? Anyway, cool post! Thanks.

Heather said...

bag Man,

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. I think it's a normal thing to see and feel how the opposit sex does things : )

nothingprofound said...

I'm happy you're a woman, too. It's so hard for a man to feel one tenth the love and compassion a woman does.

Heather said...


Thanks for stopping by, and I agree with you though I have met a few men that do have this trait it's rare but it happens

Nitin said...

haha.. tom boyyyyy.. i look at men and women the same way. and unfortunately my justice scale for the both are the same too. so when some people start to over patronize women or start to make men look like super hero legends i kinda get pissed. this has got nothing to do with the post. well, i think like you said. we have a social setup way to react as women or men. and hence the perks and the disadvantage. im glad you have got used to the idea of taking advantage of it. there is nothing more wonderful than that feeling of being in your own skin and loving it.

Heather said...


I do love my skin, and at times I even hate my gender ha thanks for reading