Friday, October 23, 2009


I"m always waiting.....


Atleast that is what I feel like most of my day. I'm waiting for rides, I'm waiting for old people to walk up to the cash register and pay there fuckin meals!! I'm waiting to drink. I 'm waiting to find answers in my life. I'm waiting for my money tree to grow in the back yard..... any day now any day

I'm also waiting for that time when someone looks me in the eyes and asks me " Heather what do you want?" I"m always waiting for others to do what they have to in life.

I'm always the one that changes so they can do and feel and say what they need to do. I would love to have someone stop being selfish for one minute and just listen to me for a change .

You know what else I hate wanting to drink so much...


Ram Bansal, the Theosoph said...

You are a maniac,
Heather. I hear your whispers from such a great distance.

Heather said...

Ram Bansal- Thank you for stopping by I want to the blog and I found it a good read so bc I crave alcohol I'm a Dipsomania : alcoholic drinks,When I first read your comment I thought you were referring me as a maniac depressive . Which I was going to have to disagree. I've gotten the tests done and seen who I had to and Im sane lol I was hoping there was something unbalanced with me so I could explain my self and actions.

nothingprofound said...

What would you do if you weren't waiting? Would your life be any different then?

Heather said...


I would be living my own life, not by others. Yes I know my faults and I'm trying to change them

nothingprofound said...

Well, don't be too hard on yourself. You probably have more virtues than faults and a lot of that shows up in your writing.

Heather said...

as always my dear thank you

THE GUYS said...

You say a lot in your writing.

We're listening.

bingoboat lover said...

Honey, we all have our ups and downs. You will have your time. There is a prize in waiting.. You will get what you want :D

Heather said...

bingoboat lover,
thank you so much for stopping by, thank you for giving me hope as well

Nitin said...

oh yess, you do that girl.. drink the shit out of yourself dear, blow your liver out. and once you get all fucked up and shit faced, we'll send you to a rehab center named after betty ford.

since we are on the topic of being fucked up. i think even i am a product of society's evil experiments and i blame them for everything from my breakups to the world wars. and so you have my company. but don't think im gonna drink with you. i'd rather empty the whole bottle of jack daniels down your delicate little throat. and watch your eyes water and viens pop out.

ok, im not that insane. but then my point is. you do really give a shit about all this. everything. the old farts ahead of you on the road who drives at 20 miles below the limit. and that carpool that is late. maybe even global warming (i actually give a fuck about this topic). and i think you are a sensitive person . which is a good thing. unfortunately there is no place for sensitivity. but that makes you human.

Now if you want to make certain men to listen to you. you'd have to tie em to a chair,put a cock ring on them with the words -'I am Heather's Bitch.' and electrocute their balls. im sure he will give you his undivided attention after that. oh.. such toys.. :P

I am not much of a sucker for fairy tale romances. so i will just skip the bit where you want that person to look into your eyes and say those magical words.

so here is my 2 cents .

if someone is complaining about something about you . tell em to err is human, and do it again . after that, tell em the same thing. in short . don't give a fuck what they think. and never give them the satisfaction of you changing for them. that is one of the biggest rules of life. do your things in your way. and if it is troubling someone. tell em to fuck off (in a sweet way). even if thats your nearest, dearest, best, sweetest, juciest friend. in most times either they will cockup and stroke you or fuck off. either way, you won't feel overworked and used.

the world is stroking each other anyways. instead of you stroking them. make em stroke you. its always a good feeling :)

and then change your favorite pass time. turn to mastrubation, poisoning plants, killing the indigenous wildlife , burning down rain forests or announcing that cop guy is gay and needs a group of hard and sturdy men on the radio... im sure you can use your imagination...

don't wait for nobody. ever!!

and the spelling of the word on your blog.. A SOCIAL WHORE. you have written.. SOICAL.. was that in purpose?

Heather said...

yes that was on purpose, my spelling is bad though but that was on purpose.
I'm learning now not to wait on any one lol and I'm tired of always having the understanding of why people do things, it's really fucked up Nitin, I understand so they can still treat me like shit
lol anyway thank you so much for reading my blogs I hope you stay around and come back again