Sunday, September 6, 2009

what happens when you start drinking in the late morning

I want these, I"m not sure why, but I think it would be cool to have doll arms dangling from my ear lobes. Even though I think dolls are creepy this is something I wouldn't mind having. What a great conversation starter. "Why thank you they are nice earrings".

Wouldn't this be a great Halloween costume!!! it's very smart idea lol. Giving birth to your self lol I love it
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Ram Bansal, the Theosoph said...

My dear Heather, You are a talented person, why are you wasting yourself? I feel it very much.

Heather said...

Do not fret, my dear friend, I am one of those people that tears herself down just to stand tall again.
Thank you for stopping by, how are you?

Nodami said...

Are you okay?

Yeah the second picture is really nice for Halloween costume hehhe

Heather said...

yea I'm sorry I thought these things were funny but I guess I was the only one.. thanks for stopping by

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Loved the costume, man. Excellent idea.

Love U 2,


Nothing Profound said...

it's okay to be silly and have a little fun. It brings out the best in us.

Heather said...

yes it's a great idea !!!!

Heather said...

nothing Profound,
yes it does bring out the best in us
thanks for stopping by

Keith said...

That's the funniest sh*t I've seen in awhile. I love your sense of humor!