Thursday, September 17, 2009


I"m back, I don't know if that really makes me happy or what but yea here I am. I came back with a big chip on my shoulder and a wonderful "fuck you" attitude , that's what happens when doctors poke me and take blood and put things inside of me to understand why I can't get better and along I just secretly wish for their deaths and chuckle as I think of ways to off them.

Lets see what's been going on, The BFF has traded me in for a penis and tried to blame it on her daughter being in school and how she wants to be a mother. LOL the funny thing is , she still goes out every night.

Then my friend ( who is pictured with me) stated that he thinks I have the only child syndrome , that I need attention. I thought about this. I"m not one to get upset by people's opinions of me I like to think on it and see if there is any truth in what there saying...maybe there is .

So last night I want to a house party and with my wonderful attitude I embrace alcohol with a frenzy, People were impressed, but I just didn't care. Statement were made of how tiny I am and how much I can drink, I played drinking games that I had it played since I was 19 and ended having fun. People were so drunk I couldn't understand the words coming out of their mouths, I made this known because It was a little annoying talking to them .

Of course this morning I'm hurting and feeling it in the worst possible way, I feel like unicorns are stomping inside my head. why don't I think before I do things


THE GUYS said...

You got attitude girl. And we like it!

Be nice to yourself today. Sounds you like you need it!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Just saying yo. Love you.

I hate hangovers.


Heather said...

Yo your self Hangovers are not the best thing in the world, I Think it's life laughing at you. Love you too

Heather said...

The Guys:
LOL I think it's the wonderful feeling of just not I will be nice to myself today thank you

Nothing Profound said...

Everybody needs a spin out now and then. O well, life goes on.

Heather said...

Nothing Profound,

Yes Life does go on, I wish mine was a little calmer

Nothing Profound said...

"I wish mine was a little calmer."

That's up to you.

Heather said...

maybe your right, maybe your right

Erica said...

so lunch next time your up, we can bash penis head and drink wine, and laugh at all the people in NYC. Your beautiful Heather remember that.