Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why did I miss them

Today my plan is to eat Jalapeno Popper Doritos and drink gallons of Dr.Pepper. Yummy breakfast.

Yesterday I awoke with a face that was swollen from eating fish, never had a fish allergy but that's the only thing I could think of. So I spent most of day high on Benadryl and other such things.

Awoke in a faze and had a problem in running into things the wall doors counter tops. Lucky that we all have shins a device used to to run into things...... ouch.

but when I finally decide to join the human race 33 text messages. People Please !!! All begging for me to go out. I told my BFF I would . Which I shouldn't have, ( Sorry Mattie I know we had plans)

I sat at the bar in the same table that we always sit at, My BFF ordered the same drinks, it was wonderful. There was a new crowd of people there, I"m a big people watcher and I watched them and made scenario up in my head.

Then my BFF said she was bored. Inside I rolled my eyes, maybe because she comes here every day. The only time she goes some where else is if you have a penis. ( did I just say that).

My BFF's sitution :

My BFF has a boyfriend in the army or something like that. They fell in "love" 2 days after meeting each other and they were so cute I wanted to vomit in my mouth. about 2 weeks after they met he got shipped back to base, which was like 6 weeks ago. So yea new relationship. Oh he's married, wants to get a divorce but wifey won't let it happen.

This kid sends her 3 letters almost every day calls her everyday ( the BFF) I don't know how she put up with it. Anyway BFF runs into old flame after boyfriend leaves, They go out once a week and talk on the phone, yea there's some spit exchange going on there as well. Here's the thing New guy is getting married in 2 months. BFF told him he needs to make a choice? What?

She does it want to be a home wrecker ????????? I think my BFF forgot she has a Boyfriend !!! I think she needs to make a choice...

I think she's being whorish , though she always does this, there was a period where she was having sex with 3 different guys and they were all best friends they didn't know !!! sometimes in one week she would be with all of them.

Listen people call me a whore because I have a lot of male friends..lol I'm not though I have my needs like everyone else. I made bad choices in People Like anyone else, but I'm pretty much a prude compared to her.

I'm sitting with my friends and I think back to my weeks away and all the wonderful converstations I had with my NYC friends and family. Old nicky boy and yes would sit for hours and talk about life and laugh. Not laugh at some chick that has toilet paper on her foot and then get annoyed because I told her it was there.

Why did I come back, because I missed them, i forgot now though why I missed them.
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Dear AL said...

So, she has a boyfriend who used her like a Kleenex... Told her he's wooped *yeah right*, but writes and calls her everyday... And now the other guy who is getting married is using her, but she tells him to make a choice?

Sounds like your friend is on crack.

She seriously needs to get her head examined besides her crotch. Excuse me.

Hi Heather!

Heather said...

maybe I should send her your way and you can give her advice. I just have to listen ( her words)

Hi Al

Tracy said...

Awesome. Life is strange, isn't it.

Heather said...

life is strange it has it's ups and downs

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I am waiting on another entry and my ass is NOT patient.

Get with it, toots.

Love, SB.