Friday, August 14, 2009

Drunk blog of madness...

Well well well another night of drinking and seriously getting drunk, such good times in the old hole.

this blog is brought to you by a drunk me who's been drinking beer and a shot of something that I really don't remember...

I was spit on tonight

a grossness of spit hit my leg and purse. it was it even meant for me but some how 7 feet away I got in the way of this guys aim.
Not sure if anyone 's been spit on but it's a pretty gross thing, Almost as gross as this guy licking me nay he's a friend but it took me for a big surprise. Lately I've been sucked away by Gamming on line and watching reruns of My so called life ... Remember that show I use to love it and for some reason they canceled it, and I really didn't understand why.

The guy that spit on me sounded like
chis tucker trying to say one sentence with out sounding like someone took his nads trapped them inside the bad animations jaws bot and set it to jet setter mode. like bud wienstien winning the national jump or die cup, like Brittany spears freaking out over her self inflicted hair suicide and blaming it on AL gore who blames it on global warming who blames on el ninyo, who in turn blames it on Lewis black who is the root of all evil.

Is Al Gore even around any more....

WOW I'm drunk and I shouldn't be blogging at all

Ever time I'm drunk I want a cookie ..sigh

Today some chick at the bar was celebrating the birthday of her set of boobs !! I have nothing against boob jobs but man, do we have to have birthday's for them? Are boob jobs not the thing of the past?

Miss CaliforniaImage by San Diego Shooter via Flickr

Maybe I should get my boobs done like this girl
ha ha how funny would that be?

I think tomorrow I'm going to grabby pant and have a huge headache to prove it. I'm not going to be a bowel of peaches tomorrow I'm all ready seeing this in my near future....

I should be sleeping but of course I'm trying to find some cookies to nibble on.

So the guy that spit on me yea , I told you that it was it meant for me, there was a little Rumble with him and another guy after that fact.

there's not much we can do expect preserver in times where we rarely do make sense at all. there are many a thing that we can avoid, but why avoid them at all? sure it makes perfect sense to step out of the way of an incoming car o someones fist hurtling toward you. sure we want to live as long as possible. but then again? what the point of avoing the unavoidable? wheres the sense of adventure going from our people? humans... we are a funny animal.

we can say that were an animal no different then a dog or a cat. in the same sense that we breed, fight, eat sleep, have disagreements over territory and whatever else happens to be there. the only real difference between us animals and those that we deem less intelligent or undominant then ourselves is the primal fact that we question our existence. they don't. they know there place in the universe. so do we. which kinda explains why we keep killing ourselves off by the thousands each year. in another aspect, were exactly like bacteria in the sense that the area in which we inhabit we expand. as well as insects, since were pretty much on par with them as well.

Wow um I don't know even where I was going with that ... I"m sure I'm embarrassing myself now...

I should be done now , not my best... good night

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Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend,


Heather said...

well your welcome, Your very funny, and I love your out look on life
Have fun this weekend