Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is good bye for now....

This morning I said goodbye to the beach, I awoke my normal time and grabbed my flip flops and headed to the beach.

The sun was bright and I forgot my sunglasses, the brightens helped deal with the fogginess of my wine soaked brain from the night before. How many bottles did I have? Red and white, my teeth are still stained.

The waves crashed on the dirty sand, a trait of this part of the Jersey shore. Cigarette butts and broken shovels laid sprawled hiding in the sand .

Tan bodies gleamed with slick sweat as runners said there smelly good mornings and ran by me. I let the water wash over me. To cleanse me or to consume me I didn't know I still don't know.

Seagulls swore at me when they noticed I didn't have any treats for them, and the sand pipers with there little feet in a weird way made me smile. I was going to miss this place. My time here is done. I would even miss those greedy rich fuckin people who sat so close to you on the beach and their children ran all over your towel , in a sick way I will miss them.

The way my families mouth would just go off as soon as a person would leave the room. Heartless and their tongues like poison. My head would hurt like a hang over just listening to them. I will .. well no I won't miss that . But I will miss my family.

Do I have to go back can I have more adventures, do I have to deal with friends who do not understand the meaning of life, but a small few.I'm bored with that life just like I always am, Jumping from one group to the next. A Social whore in my own right, but not just a whore a social whore, really I'm not a whore at all.

I will miss beach my time here, but I won't go back not to the dull mundane life there in that old life . I can't I still want adventure
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Erica said...

I really enjoyed this blog, Heather it reminds me of the old you. Why didn't you tell me you were in NYC I had to hear from all of our friends! cunt

Ram Bansal, the Theosoph said...

I am sad to learn your thoughts. I think you have lost direction and are in need of some love. Find it out not as a whore but as lover. Write to me direct -
there shall be some solution.

Heather said...

Ram Bansal, thank you so much though maybe did not explain myself well, I'm sorta prudent , People talk about me being a whore, because I have many male friends, I was saying that my friends I have many of a lot all over so I call myself a social whore while others just call me a whore but I'm not.

Heather said...

I'm sorry I know you are busy with work and such I miss you

Nothing Profound said...

Ah, the Jersey shore. Spent many a summer there, ages ago. My next door neighbor in Brooklyn owned a concession stand on the boardwalk in Seaside heights. And I whooped it up occasionally in Wildwood. Distant, very distant memories!

Heather said...

I actually go to LBI which just recently it's been referred to as the Jersey shore. which I thought was strange.

I was in Wildwood last 2 weeks and Avalon where my friend owns a place right on the beach now that was nice.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post

Nodami said...

I thought you will stop posting in your blog because the title says goodbye. But anyway, you can stop being a social whore if you like. If you want to be thinker fly alone-I don't know where I read this.

Heather said...

lol nay just saying good bye to the ocean..for now I might have to go back. When my friends get to much lol

Keith said...

I could have written the same thing almost.....just Newport Beach instead LOL.....this was a comforting post for some reason. I can't figure myself out sometimes....I'm sure most people can't............just keep on blogin'

Flatbadger (Keith)

Heather said...

thank you for stopping by and reading my blog as always, I won't stop blogging though my mind is blank for the moment and I"m just relaxing and dealing with this life I came back too though I"m back with a new

Newport that's in Cali right?

Keith said...

Yeah, it's in So. Cal, along with hunington Beach (another favorite)....that's cool, relax whenever you can...that's my moto....I don't follow that advice, but I should ;-)....I really like your I hope you keep doing it.....Keith