Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Texts from Last night......

Okay I came across this little web site:

Texts from last night, is a funny website. I found it in a blog of Flatbadger

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself and some of the things that they were texting on this site.

Here's some Examples

(404): after everytime she pucked, she insisted on us all giving her high fives

(504): Seriously, I would hit on barney the dinosaur right now if it meant I was going to get laid.

(303): dude i just saw a topless girl trying to get into her locked car. im moving here

(503): I can only name 15 people I've had sex with - can I just start claiming that as my sex number?

there's some really crude ones' but I didn't want to post those So just go to the site and check it out

I'll write a real post soon I'm just so busy...

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The Pop Culture Guy said...

Look im seriously in love with you seriously and im not saying that cuz i want u to read my blog but if you dont mind