Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bubble wrap Vagina

Okay okay here's a new post So SB Can Keep her pants on.

I ended up going out to ...yes you named it the gman, the same bar that all my friends go to on a daily bases.

I guzzled two pitchers of crappy miller light and sucked down whiskey, like I was a crack whore on dairy and 13th street in the burg.

See how drunk I am wonderful.Of course we all started talking about my fantasy. Which I think I stated on here before on how I want a Bubble wrapped Vagina. I love bubble wrap. I think it would be cool if Vagina's were made out of bubble wrap. Everytime they popped it would be very pleasurable . Some one of course asked what happens when all the bubble wrap is gone on your Vagina. This is the thing gang it never will or better yet it will reaper like herpes.... I love bubble wrap.

Bubble WrapImage via Wikipedia

So I actually had a little bit more fun even though it's the same thing all the time. I told my BFF that maybe we should put our names on the chair since we always have to sit in the same ones' . Listen she actually runs to her chair, I thought maybe I was just imaginative it but I saw her running to the same seat that she always sit's sad.

I think next time I"m going to race her and see what she'll do...
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Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love the bubble-wrap vagina idea! I'm with you, babe. Fun! Fun!

We could hang, woman. Love to drink. Fun! Fun!

Also love the hat in the photo. Man, you are stylin'.

Thanks for the post!


Heather said...

lol glad you like it...

and yes I agree SB we could hang

thank you for stopping by

Nodami said...

Bubblw-wrap vagina? hehehe nice idea,,, maybe your friend has the habit of going to that chair hehehhe

Heather said...


I thought it was funny as well, and I do agree it's a habit but I think it's a little strange

take care

Nothing Profound said...

Hmmm-bubble wrap vagina. Think I better not comment on that one.

Bring Back Pluto said...

Bubble Wrap!! Takes the "popping" concept to a whole new level.

Love it!


Heather said...

Nothing Profound
I would love to hear your thought on it it's really a great idea, I'm working on making this happen

Heather said...

bring back Pluto,
glade you like it I think it's a really good idea!!!

thanks for stopping by