Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bubble wrap Vagina

Okay okay here's a new post So SB Can Keep her pants on.

I ended up going out to ...yes you named it the gman, the same bar that all my friends go to on a daily bases.

I guzzled two pitchers of crappy miller light and sucked down whiskey, like I was a crack whore on dairy and 13th street in the burg.

See how drunk I am wonderful.Of course we all started talking about my fantasy. Which I think I stated on here before on how I want a Bubble wrapped Vagina. I love bubble wrap. I think it would be cool if Vagina's were made out of bubble wrap. Everytime they popped it would be very pleasurable . Some one of course asked what happens when all the bubble wrap is gone on your Vagina. This is the thing gang it never will or better yet it will reaper like herpes.... I love bubble wrap.

Bubble WrapImage via Wikipedia

So I actually had a little bit more fun even though it's the same thing all the time. I told my BFF that maybe we should put our names on the chair since we always have to sit in the same ones' . Listen she actually runs to her chair, I thought maybe I was just imaginative it but I saw her running to the same seat that she always sit's sad.

I think next time I"m going to race her and see what she'll do...
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why did I miss them

Today my plan is to eat Jalapeno Popper Doritos and drink gallons of Dr.Pepper. Yummy breakfast.

Yesterday I awoke with a face that was swollen from eating fish, never had a fish allergy but that's the only thing I could think of. So I spent most of day high on Benadryl and other such things.

Awoke in a faze and had a problem in running into things the wall doors counter tops. Lucky that we all have shins a device used to to run into things...... ouch.

but when I finally decide to join the human race 33 text messages. People Please !!! All begging for me to go out. I told my BFF I would . Which I shouldn't have, ( Sorry Mattie I know we had plans)

I sat at the bar in the same table that we always sit at, My BFF ordered the same drinks, it was wonderful. There was a new crowd of people there, I"m a big people watcher and I watched them and made scenario up in my head.

Then my BFF said she was bored. Inside I rolled my eyes, maybe because she comes here every day. The only time she goes some where else is if you have a penis. ( did I just say that).

My BFF's sitution :

My BFF has a boyfriend in the army or something like that. They fell in "love" 2 days after meeting each other and they were so cute I wanted to vomit in my mouth. about 2 weeks after they met he got shipped back to base, which was like 6 weeks ago. So yea new relationship. Oh he's married, wants to get a divorce but wifey won't let it happen.

This kid sends her 3 letters almost every day calls her everyday ( the BFF) I don't know how she put up with it. Anyway BFF runs into old flame after boyfriend leaves, They go out once a week and talk on the phone, yea there's some spit exchange going on there as well. Here's the thing New guy is getting married in 2 months. BFF told him he needs to make a choice? What?

She does it want to be a home wrecker ????????? I think my BFF forgot she has a Boyfriend !!! I think she needs to make a choice...

I think she's being whorish , though she always does this, there was a period where she was having sex with 3 different guys and they were all best friends they didn't know !!! sometimes in one week she would be with all of them.

Listen people call me a whore because I have a lot of male I'm not though I have my needs like everyone else. I made bad choices in People Like anyone else, but I'm pretty much a prude compared to her.

I'm sitting with my friends and I think back to my weeks away and all the wonderful converstations I had with my NYC friends and family. Old nicky boy and yes would sit for hours and talk about life and laugh. Not laugh at some chick that has toilet paper on her foot and then get annoyed because I told her it was there.

Why did I come back, because I missed them, i forgot now though why I missed them.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Drunk blog of madness...

Well well well another night of drinking and seriously getting drunk, such good times in the old hole.

this blog is brought to you by a drunk me who's been drinking beer and a shot of something that I really don't remember...

I was spit on tonight

a grossness of spit hit my leg and purse. it was it even meant for me but some how 7 feet away I got in the way of this guys aim.
Not sure if anyone 's been spit on but it's a pretty gross thing, Almost as gross as this guy licking me nay he's a friend but it took me for a big surprise. Lately I've been sucked away by Gamming on line and watching reruns of My so called life ... Remember that show I use to love it and for some reason they canceled it, and I really didn't understand why.

The guy that spit on me sounded like
chis tucker trying to say one sentence with out sounding like someone took his nads trapped them inside the bad animations jaws bot and set it to jet setter mode. like bud wienstien winning the national jump or die cup, like Brittany spears freaking out over her self inflicted hair suicide and blaming it on AL gore who blames it on global warming who blames on el ninyo, who in turn blames it on Lewis black who is the root of all evil.

Is Al Gore even around any more....

WOW I'm drunk and I shouldn't be blogging at all

Ever time I'm drunk I want a cookie ..sigh

Today some chick at the bar was celebrating the birthday of her set of boobs !! I have nothing against boob jobs but man, do we have to have birthday's for them? Are boob jobs not the thing of the past?

Miss CaliforniaImage by San Diego Shooter via Flickr

Maybe I should get my boobs done like this girl
ha ha how funny would that be?

I think tomorrow I'm going to grabby pant and have a huge headache to prove it. I'm not going to be a bowel of peaches tomorrow I'm all ready seeing this in my near future....

I should be sleeping but of course I'm trying to find some cookies to nibble on.

So the guy that spit on me yea , I told you that it was it meant for me, there was a little Rumble with him and another guy after that fact.

there's not much we can do expect preserver in times where we rarely do make sense at all. there are many a thing that we can avoid, but why avoid them at all? sure it makes perfect sense to step out of the way of an incoming car o someones fist hurtling toward you. sure we want to live as long as possible. but then again? what the point of avoing the unavoidable? wheres the sense of adventure going from our people? humans... we are a funny animal.

we can say that were an animal no different then a dog or a cat. in the same sense that we breed, fight, eat sleep, have disagreements over territory and whatever else happens to be there. the only real difference between us animals and those that we deem less intelligent or undominant then ourselves is the primal fact that we question our existence. they don't. they know there place in the universe. so do we. which kinda explains why we keep killing ourselves off by the thousands each year. in another aspect, were exactly like bacteria in the sense that the area in which we inhabit we expand. as well as insects, since were pretty much on par with them as well.

Wow um I don't know even where I was going with that ... I"m sure I'm embarrassing myself now...

I should be done now , not my best... good night

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is good bye for now....

This morning I said goodbye to the beach, I awoke my normal time and grabbed my flip flops and headed to the beach.

The sun was bright and I forgot my sunglasses, the brightens helped deal with the fogginess of my wine soaked brain from the night before. How many bottles did I have? Red and white, my teeth are still stained.

The waves crashed on the dirty sand, a trait of this part of the Jersey shore. Cigarette butts and broken shovels laid sprawled hiding in the sand .

Tan bodies gleamed with slick sweat as runners said there smelly good mornings and ran by me. I let the water wash over me. To cleanse me or to consume me I didn't know I still don't know.

Seagulls swore at me when they noticed I didn't have any treats for them, and the sand pipers with there little feet in a weird way made me smile. I was going to miss this place. My time here is done. I would even miss those greedy rich fuckin people who sat so close to you on the beach and their children ran all over your towel , in a sick way I will miss them.

The way my families mouth would just go off as soon as a person would leave the room. Heartless and their tongues like poison. My head would hurt like a hang over just listening to them. I will .. well no I won't miss that . But I will miss my family.

Do I have to go back can I have more adventures, do I have to deal with friends who do not understand the meaning of life, but a small few.I'm bored with that life just like I always am, Jumping from one group to the next. A Social whore in my own right, but not just a whore a social whore, really I'm not a whore at all.

I will miss beach my time here, but I won't go back not to the dull mundane life there in that old life . I can't I still want adventure
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Texts from Last night......

Okay I came across this little web site:

Texts from last night, is a funny website. I found it in a blog of Flatbadger

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself and some of the things that they were texting on this site.

Here's some Examples

(404): after everytime she pucked, she insisted on us all giving her high fives

(504): Seriously, I would hit on barney the dinosaur right now if it meant I was going to get laid.

(303): dude i just saw a topless girl trying to get into her locked car. im moving here

(503): I can only name 15 people I've had sex with - can I just start claiming that as my sex number?

there's some really crude ones' but I didn't want to post those So just go to the site and check it out

I'll write a real post soon I'm just so busy...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

oh oh I think I'm growing up

I had amazing conversation with old Nicky boy the other day that has touched me and made me think. I don't even know how we got on the subject but we had a conversation about Judging people.

He Pretty much summed up the whole conversation with one sentence :

"Has it ever occurred to you that beauty can only be defined if we think that something is ugly"

This statement is completely true.

I always thought that I was one of those people that didn't really think want around Judging People. I prided myself on saying that I don't judge People's actions or I wouldn't care what they looked like.

When he said this to me, I thought back to all the times I was like, "oh he's hot, " or " she's really beautiful"and that is Judging. Then I think about all the other Opposites life-death, short-tall, and the famous good-Evil.

You can't have one with out the other. We wouldn't know anything about Good People if there weren't bad people in the world. Opposites are simply judgments made by the human minds

I think that the rose does not think it's prettier then the daisy? The trees,flowers, and animals don't go around knowing anything of ugliness or beauty, They simply are.......

People look the way they look, Judging them is not in any way necessary or helpful.

Beauty maybe in the eye of the beholder but why must we do that at all?

This is why old NIcky boy is called that, he has such a old soul trapped in his young body....


Last night I drank only 2 glasses of Vodka before I went to bed before midnight. I then realized hell I'm getting old.

My one cousin came to the beach with his girlfriend and we get along very well, we all have so much fun. Even they said that they are disapointed in me.... I use to be able to hold my own. Get up and and do it all over again!!!

I guess at 31 it's catching up with me, all threw the night before I went to bed i was yawning, I couldn't stay awake. I kept thinking "god I want to go to bed" and the drinks were so strong but usually it didn't bother me.

Little Kim from Mechanicsburg Pa keeps texting me and asking if I was back yet...Last night I just text her and asked her what was wrong. Sigh she wouldn't answer.

I'm not molded to fit in that town, these People there need to understand that. They are perfectly happy with how they and that place is and that fine . But there's a hole world out there.
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