Thursday, July 9, 2009


You witnessed the death in me and you just let it happen. with not a care in the world with out a thought .

You did not turn around when you walked away from me. You just kept going to never return.

You changed your life.....
You hated me that much you dropped everyone all your friends, your love of pool and cards. Even darts that was your great love.

YOu drove around town in your car and spoke to everyone and now your no where to be seen. It was that easy for you..... I hate you no I should hate you, but I can't that's not what I'm about.

You were that good, Sperm donor. I believed everything you said. Though that voice inside of me was screaming at me. I've made mistakes and for that I'm sorry.

But you
you what you did,.......

Two lives were changed not counting yours, when was lost forever, and hell mine is pretty much gone..... I might not ever return, just like you.

Why was I a game?

You were a dear friend, and you just walked away..... Not caring ,

Will I ever have closure in this?
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