Sunday, July 5, 2009 I had a blast of a night gang... I road in a 1967... shit I don't but it was cool, hair all wind blown and I have a weird ass smile on my face... hee hee

But what great fun.......

i think thats more wine then im thinking about i have had in the fututure past minutes of my minds not completely there at the present tense... wtf am i saying?

I don't know I'm going to blame it on long weeks of not drinking hee hee

My stalker was on the hole tonight I wish I could have gotten a pic of him... he's as old as my dad... sigh he makes me sick... not because he's old just because of the shit that he say's

officialy I am not really fond of this place. sure ive made friends and enemies alike. but you know what? in another 40 - 50 years youl all be dead. probly of naural causes like your body falling apart gradualy. lol, i know its mean spirited of me to bring up such a horrible thing like death on a site . but what the frig. lets get this party started, ive got wine in my system and techno playing so im a happy mother smegger. thats right, im going there. i love this site... and yes I ment to spell smegger........

Here's me wearing my buddy's Hat, he took me home in a 1967 something... sigh I forget what it is....sigh and that's bad because I love older cars.

I look silly but that's fine I"m not here to impress anyone....
You know lately I've been getting a lot of emails from old Haggs and haggertins who just want a piece of ass have there husbands watch or something like that

WTF... not happening

Listen I'm a nice person I can hang out with anyone and get along with people but I have to draw the line.... and if you keep it up I will eat your eyes it's that simple....

It's been some time since I wrote a drunk blog, and yes I want cookies it's my thing when I get drunk I want to eat cookies.. but I'm eating Peppermint Patties... yummy they are the best!!!

I'm case worker was drunk at the bar tonight
He wears Hawaiian shirts
I think he's the devil

enough of that... that's for another time I will tell you all about my case worker

I'm every where like a doll in a tornado

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Tracy said...


Tracy said...

For some reason Blogger won't let me put myself down as a follower of your blog, but it will happen.

Heather said...

Tracy, maybe I"ll check and see if everything is okay on my end the blog maybe I have something that I did wrong, thank you for commenting on my post

Dear AL said...

Happy to hear you had a great time. Me, well, it started alright at a friends party, right up till the dumbass made a play for a girl in front of his wife.

Love the pic with the hat!

Heather said...

yikes... that would have been really intense... thanks I like the hat as well