Monday, July 13, 2009


I came to a box with some old pics and Journals hidden in the back of my closet. Actually the only closet that I have in my whole place. Which makes it very difficult and not practical at all.

These Journals were descriptive in there writing. A talent I use to have and it seemed that I have lost it. I don't remember really writing these Journals, just finding them buried at the bottom of a dozen other shoe boxs and other such things. I could tell they were written in drinking/drug binge over the years
, or perhaps my personality has finaly split in two after all these years of torment and my other self is writing these Journals. If I had another personality what would I call her? or maybe it would be a male I bet his favorite food was spinich ice cream.

I guess I could use another personality. One that does it have seizures or one that won't let shady people into my life. Because that's me now. All he would do is eat spinich ice cream and kick peoples asses ... maybe he would be a

Anyway though back to the JOurnals , there is a vague memory of writing them, a time so long ago it felt like another life.

A Part of the Journal :

"I have to get back to the city. I have been alone for over a hour now and the fat neck hicks lick there fat tongues at me, lack of a good social interaction has turned me into a bitch. Why did I come back here ?!

I am nothing when I'm alone....."

I think I'm going to rewrite these pages and put them on my The Madness of Me blog....

There's about 6 journals in 15 year period I think I will just randomly choose a passage... I'll try to do it every day so check back...
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