Saturday, June 13, 2009

the soft pack.....

The skies let the sun come out and Play today. No Grey skies, though there is a hint of a thunder storm might be coming but only a hint.
Funny how the sun is bright and warm and I"m watching from my window, People are sitting on my front porch eating there food, some times it sucks living next to a deli pizza place.

It's hot out I'm not a fan of the heat, put me next to a pool or a body of water I will be fine. This kinda heat reminds me of when I was younger and I fried a egg on the school blacktop, and when I consumed it I received detention.

I made a to do list today, though I forgot to brush my teeth, maybe I should have put that on the list, brushing the teeth is very important. Mostly mine because I all ready have 3 broken ones due to ex boyfriends and their fists of rage.

I wish I was leaving on a Jet Plane today.....

I spent last night at the bar, People watching. S strange combination of extra weirdo's, one man looked like a frighten mole. I'm a weirdo and I'm happy with it. Sperm donor Kept feeding me smokes, his mood was wonderful and we got along very well.

Sperm donor is turning himself in, 3 warrants in his name and today he's turning him self in.

We watched "Drag me to Hell" and laughed in till 6 am like old times, though he did not once say anything about the baby.Maybe my email got to him, maybe....

I wish I could drink some whiskey with cherries in it how yummy would that be. I wish there were still bands called Bikini Kill with songs like " suck my left one"

I also wish my BFF would stop doing Coke, for her and me .... it gives me a itch that I want to do it so bad. I almost hate her for it.....

I need to quit smoking I'm sticking to the 5 a day like my doctor says but I should just quit... sigh

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