Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fuck the pain

I'v never had so much pain in a small area before !! A little thing like a tooth could hurt so bad, I know there's fucking a bunch of nervous, but after ten years you think my tooth wouldn't hurt.

It all started when I was living in NYC... I miss it there so much....

but anyway I was coming out of the bar and with some female friends and we headed down the street the next bar was only about a block no point in getting a taxi.

We were Laughing and having a good old time when next thing I knew I was getting punched in the face. I don't mean a normal punch... I mean I felt like I was getting my head ripped off.... I know I passed out and I heard my friends screaming.

When I awoke, I was laying on the sidewalk and there were about 3 guys that I didn't know beating this huge beast of a man up. I was laying in a lap of my friend and some where a shirt came and was pressed up my nose.

Yup a broken nose, and in my friends hand was part of my tooth a moler ... damn him!!

I didn't know who this man was they said he was drunk really drunk and that he was complaining about a chick in the bar that he just came out of. I guess he thought I was her.

He hit me with his huge fist it broke my nose and broke my tooth in half.... sigh

now I get horrible pain every now and then,

Tooth pain is the worst kinda pain
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