Monday, June 1, 2009

doubting sperm donor

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Doubt: so many People have it, it creeps up on you, at the best of times and clings in the worst of time

You might not think that doubt could have much of an effect on your life, but part of the damage that it creates is that it is so thouroughly etched on to your belief system that becomes impossible to think any other way.

With the attitude of doubt you are unable to successfully tread the path of your sacred quest and realize what that quest is!!!

As you think, so shall you be.

We do become twhat we think about all day long, don't allow your thoughts and actions to be dictated by doubt

Doubt is a traitor because it uses limitations.....

Did you also know that one-third of your life when you are asleep, you have no doubt- and hence no limitations... what a wonderful thing

Why is that?

Because in your sleep you know what you can do and you do it, in your waking moments, you believe that you can't , and you don't so hence you have doubt....

I'm doubting sperm donor, his lies are like spider webs and it gives me this ugly feeling in my belly. What happen to truly caring for people and making sure that they have faith and trust in them. Is this gone?

Why can't you just have a knowing that when you meet someone it will be a pure honest relationship... not one based on lies, or hurt...


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